SAFETY is everyone’s responsibility and our record proves that commitment


It is the hallmark of our experienced teams, leading to client trust and ongoing relationships


Combining vested employees with trusted experience and the quality you can depend on


Small shop with big capabilities. We don’t have large overhead & costly corporate headquarters


Dorien Menard, Founder & President
Chantal Menard, B. Mgt, VP Client Services
Lee Crick P.Eng., General Manager
Brad Marvin, Manufacturing Supervisor
Heidi Spilchuk, Quality Manager
Michael Tumack, Applications Manager
Curtis Barry, Safety & Shop Lead
Kari Premak, Controller

Dorien Menard
Founder and President


  • Driven, open-minded, safety oriented, innovative and successful business owner with a strong sense of dedication and commitment, and over 20 years of progressive experience in the industrial sector.
  • Tenacious in building new businesses, securing customer loyalty, and forging strong relationships with business partners & clients.
  • Adamant about safety, quality, continuous improvement and exceeding client satisfaction
  • Areas of expertise include construction management, project management, pressure & steel fabrication, industrial construction, team leadership, maintenance optimization, pressure equipment manufacturing
  • Passionate about:
    • Finding innovative solutions & opportunities to maximize efficiencies
    • Business Development – client acquisition, nurturing relationships
    • Large scale project execution within allotted time frame & budget


  • Dependable, business professional skilled at managing diverse needs in challenging, fast-paced environments. Driven with in-depth experience in various fields including human resources, labour relations, insurance, & office management. Motivated by organizational effectiveness, relationship-building, client acquisition and team-based leadership.
  • Over a decade of human resource experience with trades & the oilsands managing client group of over 800 unionized employees
  • Energized by developing real relationships, developing teams with challenging goals, overcoming business challenges and working together to grow sustainable businesses
  • Passionate about:
    • Personal Growth
    • Business Development, growing teams, client acquisition
    • Performance Management & Continuous improvement

Chantal Menard
B. Mgt
VP Client Services
Kari Premak


  • General Accountant with over 25 years of valuable experience in Accounting and Professional Administration
  • Driven by an environment that allows utilization of skills and competencies to help businesses streamline processes, find efficiencies and work as a team to grow
  • Strong valuation of customer service with both external and internal clients and vendors
  • Vast experience in both Oil & Gas and Pipeline Industries that enables an understanding of our Alberta market and how to manage finances accordingly
  • Passionate about:
    • Personal and Business Development and Growth
    • Conceptual Improvement and Process Integration
    • Forecasting and Budget Management for Accurate and Reliable Reporting

Lee Crick
General Manager


  • Professional Engineer & B Pressure Welder with over 13 years of experience dedicated to finding innovative design solutions
  • Manages fabrication using sound engineering principles, skilled execution, and lean manufacturing strategies
  • Key contributor to significant company growth
  • Design & CRN registration of custom fitting product lines (mixing tees, strainers, valve body auxiliary piping, heating coils)
  • Development & implementation of new procedures for the welding of pressure piping & equipment
  • Mechanical engineering expertise for the design of ASME pressure equipment
  • Passionate about:
    • Designing new engineered products
    • Helping clients & our business solve challenges
    • Relationships and communication – Working Together to Grow
    • Taking projects from concept to fabrication and completion


  • Solution-driven, positive attitude, attention to detail, and always going the extra mile with safety first, lean manufacturing and quality excellence as his driving factors
  • Extensive experience managing people & shops with multiple jobs being executed at the same time
  • Red Seal Pipefitter with over 12 years experience in the pipe fabrication industry, specializing in shop fabrication
  • Red Seal Structural Steel and Plate Fitter with over 8 years experience in structural steel and pressure vessel industry
  • Vast experience in multiple areas of the fabrication industry including shops, yards and sites
  • Trained in Leadership for Safety Excellence
  • Passionate about:
    • Having fun
    • Continual improvement & expansion of knowledge base
    • Finding new ways to stream flow the process and make it more efficient
    • Being part of the whole fabrication process from start to finish
    • Finding solutions to challenges that come up during fabrication

Brad Marvin
Manufacturing Supervisor
Heidi Spilchuk
Quality Manager


  • CWB Level III Welding Inspector and Journeyman Pipefitter by trade, with over 13 years experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Highly motivated to not only meet client expectations but exceed them by promoting the highest levels of quality across all levels of the organization
  • Focus is on regulatory compliance, ensuring compliance to client specifications, continuous improvement, minimizing rework, and promoting a strong quality culture throughout the organization
  • Key areas of expertise include welding inspection and supervision, NDE coordination, quality audits and surveillances, quality compliance, streamlining processes, and turnover management
  • Holds a strong belief that the success of our organization is rooted in our ability to work together as a team alongside our clients, to provide a top-quality product every time


  • Over a decade of experience in the tender, process design & selection, mechanical design, layout, and fabrication of oilfield equipment with a focus on midstream gas processing applications
  • Designs process plants with innovative layouts, equipment, and technologies to minimize capital & maintenance costs while maximizing process efficacy, reliability, safety, and accessibility
  • Diverse background having worked as a Pipefitter, Draftsman, Estimator, Engineering Technologist, Applications Specialist & Project Manager; has a thorough understanding of the problems faced by the industry from multiple perspectives
  • Design & Layout of equipment such as Separators, JT Plants, Amine Sweetening Facilities, Gas-Glycol Dehydrators, Fractionation plants, Utility packages (such as Heat medium & Instrument air), Process heaters, Pump packages, Custody Transfer packages, Mol-Sieves, Pigging packages, Condensate Stabilizers, Compressors, Vessels, Exchangers, and more
  • Wealth of experience managing mid to large scale projects both domestic and international
  • CAD & CAM expertise grown from decades of using a variety of Software from Solidworks to CADWorx, AutoCAD, MasterCAM, and Navisworks
  • Passionate about:
    • Solving complex challenges, puzzles, and optimizing existing solutions
    • Continuous improvement and growth in all faucets
    • Meeting and exceeding strenuous deadlines others call impossible
    • Seeing concepts starting as abstract ideas fulfilled as a well engineered and built reality

Michael Tumack
Estimator Project Manager
Curtis Barry
Safety & Shop Lead


  • Diligent, always thinking win-win, going the extra mile and having his head on a swivel with a strong belief & understanding in leading with Safety and Quality at the forefront of every task
  • Adamant that hard work and teamwork are what makes projects successful
  • Combines knowledge of lean manufacturing and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to strive for success every day
  • Background in trades with 15 years experience as a Journeyman Pipefitter including a wide range of diverse project experience including Las Vegas Raiders Stadium, building fiberglass ballast system on a steam ship in Quebec, large bore stainless steal piping on the gulf of Texas, and multiple projects in the Oilsands
  • Passionate about:
    • Safety is always number 1.
    • Personal Development & continual improvement each day
    • Focus on keeping ‘first things first’
    • Having fun