Whether your fabrication work scope is complex or basic, CEI is committed to quality and committed to you. We deliver excellence on each project, including safety first, sound engineering, expert tradespeople, lean manufacturing and strategic project management to ensure you receive your products built right, on time & on budget.


Test our expert capabilities with the following alloy & specialty custom fabrication products. You’ll discover CEI is not your typical fabrication shop

Our skilled welders are certified under CWB & ABSA, governing bodies with some of the most stringent requirements in the world.


Corrosion resistance of stainless steel and other metals depends solely on the metal’s surface conditions, particularly the amount of surface oxides present (passive layer). The colored oxide film that appears in stainless steel after welding operations has less corrosion resistance and can result in the stainless steel “rusting”. Traditionally stainless steel surfaces were treated with hazardous chemicals to remove the heat damaged surface and restore a protective oxide layer. CEI utilizes sophisticated electro-chemical passivation technology to provide fully passivated stainless steel products with far less risk to the environment and workers. Electro-chemical passivation ensures customer projects are more corrosion resistant than offerings from fabrication companies producing “as-welded” stainless steel products.