Dorien_ MenardWhen Complete Energy Innovations Inc., was asked to help lead the construction of a liquid extraction plant, Dorien Menard quickly understood the needs of this large-scale project and took action.  He absorbed the work scope & design processes, got to know his team, managed the coordination and installation of 107 plant modules, and was responsible for overseeing & coordinating all the building trades, including safety & project management logistics. The manpower peaked at 1000 tradespeople and was successfully constructed over a one-year period.

He also led complex, custom fabrication projects while successfully obtaining API certification and improving company’s safety records. At the same time, he worked diligently to improve client service excellence and implemented strategic business plans to align the needs of both the clients and the business.

Known for his knowledge & experience in project management, plant construction & maintenance optimization, quality assurance and his overall fabrication background in the pressure welding trade, Dorien continues to develop and add to his credibility in the industry. With over 15 years of experience in the oil & gas sector, he’s developed innovative leading sustainable manufacturing and maintenance solutions for both small and large energy companies across the Western Canadian Basin. From leading multifaceted construction projects involving various stakeholders, along with manufacturing custom pressure equipment, the diversity of his background highlights his natural skills upon which he builds and sustains highly valued relationships.

Dorien`s success is testimony to his dedication to the clients and organizations he works with. He has a talent for providing plant construction & maintenance solutions that meet the needs of the most complex and unusual situations, and he builds and sustains valued relationships that are founded upon safety, integrity & knowledge.

Chantal_Dube-MenardChantal’s diverse experience works hand in hand with Complete Energy Innovations key services & core values. With more than 8 years of oilsands-related experience in both human resources & labour relations, along with a degree in management, she brings critical competencies and knowledge to the team. Her focus is always on ensuring clients receive the highest-quality products and services, ensuring management systems are strictly followed and growing the team with the right people.

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